Paper Tiger or Faithful Follower?

The sun rose on a day full of promise. In a speech the night before, our newly elected President had outlined the steps our country would need to take to return to economic and social stability. The sacrifices would be tough and the road would be long and probably harder than we want, but we didn’t get to this position over night. Thankfully the vast majority of the nation had accepted what we knew had to be done all along.

There were a handful of those opposed but they were allowed to speak and state their opposition. No violent outbreaks were reported, it was a peaceful and calm night. There are always those who are going to complain, especially when the leader of the country and the Free World, asks that everyone pray and seek God for guidance. They have that right, the freedom to choose another way of thinking and not be persecuted.

The school even announced a prayer rally for this morning, asking all who wished to come to be there early and for those who didn’t that class would start at the regular time. There were even impromptu gatherings at courthouses, college campuses, military bases and city halls just like the ones that sprung up in church parking lots.

It seemed to spread beyond this country, to places where protests and violence were the norm of the day. Maybe it’s just temporary but for the moment a welcome respite from the chaos.

Not everyone was happy and there will always be those that sit and complain. But something had changed, something was different.

Months ago, a group of believers, how many is not for certain nor is it important, left their comfortable pews and trendy programs to seek forgiveness, repentance and restoration at the foot of the cross. It was as if a match was lit on an open container of gasoline. It spread like wildfire across a nation that had seemed to completely turn its back on the freedom and the God on which it was founded. Revival had come to America.

RAMP 42716

You may read the above and think I have lost my mind, as if I had much to lose. Or maybe you thought that it could never happen or that you wish it would happen. It won’t as long as the people who claim to be “Christians” are nothing more than a “Paper Tiger.”

A Paper Tiger is defined as “one that is outwardly powerful or dangerous but inwardly weak or ineffectual.”  In the United States of America, over 70% claim to be a Christian; that would be over 250 million people. Donald Trump asked a group of Evangelical Christians, “Why if there is supposedly over 250 million of you, you never get your way?”  Great question.

The Christian people in this country are a Paper Tiger. There is no way that 70% of this country are true followers of Christ. If there were, we wouldn’t be at this point. So the question is, are we true followers or just pretending? Are we hot, cold or lukewarm? Why does it seem like we are sitting around fiddling when Rome is burning?

Feelings. Whoa, whoa, whoa feeeeelings. We don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. So those that “supposedly” follow the Creator of the Universe, who has unlimited power, have done nothing or at best, very, very little. Did you know that the word “feeling” only appears twice in the King James Version of the Bible? Here is one of the scriptures:

Who being past feeling have given themselves over unto lasciviousness, to work all uncleanness with greediness.” Ephesians 4:19(KJV).

Feeling doesn’t appear at all in the NIV. So why are we so obsessed with not hurting anyone’s feelings? Obsessed to the point we let the simple decision of which restroom to use lead us to the verge of Thunderdome. How many of you will now let your brides and children go to a public restroom and not have serious concerns? Now one of the few places where you just want to go and take care of business and get out has now become the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Where is a one hole “porta-potty” when you need it?

Welcome to America. The land of the free and the home of the brave? The land where you can choose to be a man one day, a women the next and a penguin if you so choose. Your ethnicity is now an open choice, just like the restrooms at Target. You can literally say and do anything as long as it’s not the Truth of God’s Word.

The Paper Tiger roars! Only not to be heard or felt.
Run to the cross!


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