What if…


…We held ourselves to the same standards we hold others?

…We prayed more than we really pray?

…We spent 10 minutes more reading the Bible each day?

…We stopped caring about what others think of us and more about what God thinks of us?

…We treated each person we come in contact with as if it was Jesus himself?

…We worshipped without the social restraints we put on ourselves and each other?

…We lived the songs and hymns we sing?

…We loved people like Jesus did?

…We trusted in God like He asks us to?

…We lived our lives in a way that would eliminate the need of asking if we were Followers of Christ?

…Christ came back today?

…We were the only Jesus someone would ever see?

…Our innermost thoughts were broadcast for everyone to hear?

…Jesus really did expect us to suffer for His name?

…A gun were held to your head and you were asked if you were a Christian?

…That gun was held to your brides or child’s head?

…That gun was held to the head of a complete stranger or someone you disliked?

…It was the last conversation you would have with someone who was lost?

…The color of our skin meant less than the quality of our character?

…Living for Jesus meant that our family would reject us?

…Living for Jesus meant all of our friends would deny they knew us?

…We stopped complaining and started doing?

…We really would leave it all at the altar?

…There was no tomorrow?

…Men stepped up and became the men God calls us to be?

…We treated the Word of God like “Factual History” and not like “Fictional Stories”?

…We loved our brides like Christ loved the church?

…We stopped treating the Gospel like a pick what you like buffet?

…We did have faith the size of a mustard seed?

…There were no “what if’s.”

…We really would run to the cross?



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