What are you filled with?

What are you filled with

Idiom: Nature abhors a vacuum.

That idiom was first stated by Parmenides but some credit it to Aristotle. It is used to express the idea that empty or unfilled spaces are unnatural as they go against the laws of nature and physics. In the scientific community, this is still debated.

However, it’s my opinion that this is true for humans. Especially for followers of Christ. There is a void inside all of us and we will fill it with something. The question is what is the something?

I believe there is a comparison that can be made if we look at our country and compare it to our family, church and community. It seems obvious we are at a critical point in our country. I believe that our nation is starving and thirsting for true leadership. It has been a long time since we have had a leader that inspired us to be greater than who we are. A leader who is honest, telling us not what we want to hear but what we need to hear. A leader who will put what is best for the country above what is best for his party or his legacy. A leader who seeks truth instead of popularity.

In the void of true leadership we have satisfied that hunger and thirsting with what looks good and makes us feel good, instead of what is best for us. Sounds like the same thing we do with sin, doesn’t it? To paraphrase Dr. Phil (which kind of gives me the willies), How has that worked for us?

We have settled for last year’s Easter egg, still looks bright and shiny on the outside but is rotten on the inside.

Our families, churches and communities hunger and thirst in the same way America does. Instead of men being the Christlike leaders that we are called to be, we have left vacuums and voids that have been filled with anything and everything. I know this is a blanket statement but let me ask you a couple of questions:

Have you, have I, have we been the men that God calls us to be? If yes, then how did we get to where we are today?

“And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ-to the glory and praise of God.” Philippians 1: 9-11.

I believe and have a sense that God is moving in the men of RAMP. We have read and talked plenty, and we should continue to do so, but now is the time for us to add “doing” to who we are. What is that “doing”? I don’t think it’s just one thing, it may be something different for each one of us. We can’t fill that vacuum or void without action. It may seem like a small thing, something we think insignificant but that is ploy from Satan. Nothing is too small or insignificant if God calls us to do it to fulfill His will, His plan.

A small act of obedience may be the starting point of someone coming to know Jesus as Savior AND Lord. What if that someone is our child, a friend, a coworker or a future missionary or preacher?

We filled the vacuums and voids with things not of God’s will, with sin. Now we must remove that sin and replace it with Christ. I know many of us have been dealing with that sin. We must not stop, we must ruthlessly rid our lives of this garbage. We know how and we have a support group to encourage us.

“For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver and gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your forefathers, but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect.”  1 Peter 1:18 & 19.

I am so thankful for each one of you. In your own way you have been a positive influence and a blessing in my life. I pray for you and your families. I pray that we would unashamedly love and support one another. We need Jesus first, and then we need each other. May we be the friends that God calls us to be and NOT the kind of friends that Job had.

The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion
to their commitment to excellence.
Vince Lombardi

May we be committed to be men of excellence for Christ. May we replace the sin in our lives with God’s excellence. If we do, He promises that He will make a difference in our family, in our church, in our community and in our country.

I would rather be running to the cross with my brothers than by myself!


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